The Embody OT Philosophy

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The Embody OT Philosophy is built on the principle that establishing healthy habits is at the core of wellness.  The adage, “consistency is key” is so important when it comes to being healthy and managing chronic conditions.

The foundation of Embody OT is built on the three concepts of embody, empower, engage and make up the “Self-awareness, empowerment, and engagement” (SAEEM) Model. SAEEM depicts the transformation that occurs when behaviors change to support living well.  To embody signifies that a person acknowledges and becomes aware of who they are and accepts the body and mind they are living with.  Empowerment occurs when a person learns which healthy habits support their individual needs; “education is power” and learning how to manage the conditions we live with (as opposed to “control”) allows for transformation to begin.  When we “let go” of feeling the need to control, we replace the feeling of control with wisdom to know which areas of our life can change.  Finally, to engage in daily life utilizing new skills and practicing new habits supports the goal to “live life to the fullest”.

This model of “Embody, Empower, Engage” is built on many frameworks and theories most notable, the Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM), Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Mind-Body Modalities (aka Mind-Body Interventions) are at the heart of Embody OT, these include meditation, tai chi, and yoga.


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