SAFE Yoga Principles

“SAFE” Yoga principles are intended to be a blueprint for building therapy sessions that are therapeutically powerful with yoga as the modality.

Yoga’s Secret Sauce? Devotion.

I cautiously picked up a pilates class to sub for this past Saturday because it was an hour before the yoga class I had already agreed to sub for. I am not a pilates instructor so I told the class I’d do my best to do a “pilates/core-focused yoga class”. I got through the classContinue reading “Yoga’s Secret Sauce? Devotion.”

Car Yoga

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing my passion for yoga with my colleagues and they asked if I would teach a class at work.  Of course I jumped on this opportunity and I wanted to tailor this class specifically for their needs… Many of us in the home health world spend HOURS a dayContinue reading “Car Yoga”