SAFE Yoga Principles

“SAFE” Yoga principles are intended to be a blueprint for building therapy sessions that are therapeutically powerful with yoga as the modality.

Yoga’s Secret Sauce? Devotion.

I cautiously picked up a pilates class to sub for this past Saturday because it was an hour before the yoga class I had already agreed to sub for. I am not a pilates instructor so I told the class I’d do my best to do a “pilates/core-focused yoga class”. I got through the classContinue reading “Yoga’s Secret Sauce? Devotion.”

Overcome Postpartum Wrist Pain with these Simple Tips to Improve Everyday Life

“A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.” Princess diana Wrist pain after pregnancy doesn’t have to become a barrier to enjoying life with your new bundle of joy. While the cause is likely due to the extended time you now spend holding your baby and lugging around that car seat, there are someContinue reading “Overcome Postpartum Wrist Pain with these Simple Tips to Improve Everyday Life”

Car Yoga

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing my passion for yoga with my colleagues and they asked if I would teach a class at work.  Of course I jumped on this opportunity and I wanted to tailor this class specifically for their needs… Many of us in the home health world spend HOURS a dayContinue reading “Car Yoga”